Challenges & recommendations in quality assurance

We live in a time of constant change. Quality assurance is not spared from this either. It is therefore all the more important to keep a close eye on current developments and changes and to react to them with suitable measures.

Quality is (not only) a question of function

In many companies, the quality department is staffed with a certain number of employees who deal with this topic. Outside of this, little attention is paid to the topic of quality management and quality assurance. And according to the German Society for Quality, this is precisely where a major weakness lies. Because quality concerns all employees, from young to old, from trainees to the board or management. Another challenge in the quality area is to make the subject fun. Employees must realize that quality is not dull, but actually leads to more freedom when the desire for effectiveness and efficiency is awakened.

Quality must become more digital

In the area of quality assurance and quality management, many companies still work with pen and paper. This not only suffers in terms of clarity and evaluation options, but also promotes a lack of interest among younger employees from Generation Y and Z, who have grown up with the digital world and are very familiar with it.

Our recommendations for action

As a manufacturer of IVA, a software for the digital evaluation of products and services specifically for quality assurance, we have compiled some recommendations for action to adequately meet the challenges.

  1. The benefit of quality must be demonstrated -> Quality is not an end in itself!
  2. Every employee should be able to EXPERIENCE why quality is essential. This promotes understanding.
  3. Managers have to set an example, also in terms of quality.
  4. Introduction of suitable quality assurance and quality management software

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