Tips to make quality tangible

In our last article, we looked at recommendations for quality assurance, among other things. One important recommendation is that companies should try to show every employee the benefits of quality. After all, quality is by no means an end in itself, rather it concerns all of the company's employees.

To achieve this goal, quality must become Tangible. In this way, the employees' understanding of the topic of quality can be sustainably increased. In the following, we will give you practical tips on how to make quality tangible in your company.

Establishment of a quality lab

There are now labs for many topics, for example rooms that have been set up specifically for one topic and are only used for this purpose. Learning Labs or Innovation Labs are common examples of such labs. Why not copy this concept and adapt it to the quality sector? In a quality lab, for example, several stations could be set up, which could have the following structure:

  1. Importance of quality in general
  2. Importance of quality in own company
  3. Discussion on the importance of quality in one's own department
  4. Individual task: brainstorming on the importance of quality in one's own workplace
  5. Collection of ideas for increasing quality in the entire company

Quality day

In many companies there are different days every year when something special is done or an occasion is celebrated. The topic of quality plays a significant role in (manufacturing) companies. So why don't you also introduce a quality day? On this day you remind all your employees every year that quality concerns everyone and only works with the support of everyone. Of course, it doesn't have to be a whole day; it can be just a few hours. The important thing is that the topic of quality becomes more present and its importance is vividly communicated.

We also love the topic of quality. That's exactly why we launched IVA, the intelligent assistant for the digital evaluation of products and services.

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