Functions overview

Evaluations & Tests

With IVA you can easily set up evaluations for quality assurance or for the improvement of your products. You can add as many tests as you like within an evaluation, which in turn can be edited by as many testers as you like (with account or anonymously).

Surveys & Feedback

Any number of questions can be added to a test within a questionnaire. With the possibility of activating feedback mode, testers can enter feedback on products in an explorative way, divided into categories. Best of all, we even support voice input, which is automatically converted into text.

Test objects

In quality assurance and product development, everything revolves around the product at the end of the day: And that's a good thing. This is exactly why the test objects, your products, play a central role at IVA. Because they can be actively involved by the test planner. Individual testers can only be activated for certain test objects and the collected feedback can be evaluated at test object level.

App & Web

Planners, i.e. the creators of tests and the corresponding questionnaires or feedback, can use IVA intuitively via the web. Testers, meaning those employees or users who test a product, can do so both on the web and on the go in IVA's own app.

Maximum customization

You can adapt IVA perfectly to your corporate identity. You can add your company logo, change the color scheme and even the names. For example, you can talk about vehicles or electronic devices instead of test objects if your company produces one of these products.

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